Can my neighbor/friend/family member do some of the visits and you do the rest?

No.  During your time away from home you contract with me to take care of your home and pets while you are gone.  I have liability insurance to protect you and I in the event of negligence.  If others enter your home, I cannot be responsible for your home or pets.  

How frequently will you visit my pet?

Cats or small pets- I require once per each 24 hour period.
Dogs- I require three visits per full day of pet sitting.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes.  For single visits please give 24 hours notice to avoid a charge.
Assignments spanning more than one day require one week's notice to avoid a 50% charge.
Exception- for major holidays, 100% payment is due if cancellation occurs less than seven days prior.  

When do I give you my keys?  How do I get them back from you?

I pick up 2 sets of keys on our first meet and greet appointment.  I will return keys once at no charge and no later than 5 business days after your request.  For future pet sitting assignments an $10 charge will apply if you would like us to pick up or return your keys.  Most clients prefer that we keep their keys on file in our safe.  Keys are coded so that they do not identify your name and address.

Can I give you a garage door opener/key code  instead of keys?

Garage door opens can (and have) failed to operate.  For the safety of your pet please provide keys.  Some clients choose to give us both for peace of mind.

How do I pay you?

I accept cash and checks.  Payment is due in full at the time of booking.

I’m in a Hurry.  How can I obtain service?

If you are an existing client there is a ten dollar charge for all visits scheduled with less than 48 hours notice.  It usually is not possible to schedule a new client consultation and arrange pet sitting for new clients with less than seven days notice, but we will accommodate you if at all possible.  In those instances there is a $25 charge for rush service.

Safety and Security

Pet and pet sitter safety is a number one priority.  We won’t walk dogs in extreme weather for health and safety reasons.  Instead we will visit your dog in your home and give him/her lots of attention (brushing, playing with toys, and basic obedience training).  Another option is to reschedule the visit.

What are your service hours?

Visits are scheduled between the hours of 7:00 am to 9:30 pm and visits are divided into morning, midday and evening time periods.  The actual time your pet is visited depends on a variety of logistical concerns such as location, traffic, construction and proximity to other pet sitting clients.  I will try to get as close to a time that you request but cannot guarantee it.

Do you board cats/dogs/rodents/birds, etc. at your home?

No.  I have my hands full with my own menagerie and they deserve my attention when I’m not working.

Do you do overnight house sitting?

No.  I have my own animals to take care of and that’s my first priority.

Are your rates negotiable?

It is difficult for a low cost service business to offer a discount.  Because I don’t sell items, our costs are the same per visit.  Because of this I am unable to offer discounts.