The Carmel Pet Sitter's Stories of Rescue, Redemption and Beyond...

Tyson Goes Home

Hope for a family who had to leave their dog behind

Tyson was a sweet older female Boxer whose family needed to move from the West Coast to Pennsylvania for a job opportunity. Along the way, the family's car broke down in Texas and was deemed unrepairable. A bus was the only solution to get the family to Pennsylvania in time for the Dad to start his new job. But the bus company wouldn't let Tyson on the bus. This family wasn't willing to give up their dog. A local humane society agreed to hold Tyson for them until a solution could be found. Local rescuers got involved and decided to try a rescue type transport with different volunteer drivers each taking legs to get Tyson to Pennsylvania. I was supposed to pick up Tyson near the Indiana/Illinois border and take her Ohio. As luck would have it, due to a major accident the transporter in Missouri was stuck for hours and unable to continue due to a road closing and the need to get back to her family. Not wanting Tyson to miss her connection (and her anxious parents waiting at a motel in Pennsylvania) I drove the entire distance to pick up Tyson and bring her all the way back to Ohio. I've done similar things before, but as a cog in a wheel I generally knew little about the people or place a particular dog was going. This one was different because Tyson's family took the time to share photos of themselves picking up Tyson as well as an incredible shot of Tyson's reunion with the family kids. Those pics are below as well as one of me on the transport where I picked up Tyson.  It was a moving experience and I'll never forget it.